Coaxial Circuits with Integrated Water Trap

Product Description

 Coaxial Circuits with Water Trap

  • Can be used safely in anesthesiology. Special designed self sealed water traps on both inspiratory and expiratory lines protects the machine and the patient.
  • Can continue to be used in PACU if the patient needs to be mechanically ventilated after surgery
  • Although coaxial circuit has been designed as an anesthesia circle system, it has also proven to be suitable in the ICU as providing a desired level of humidity. HMTL coaxial (tube within a tube) breathing system ideal for use within both operating room and ICU.
  • The system provides increased circuit mobility and low weight in comparison with a traditional circle circuit.
  • Water traps also eliminate the possible infection risk in ICU leading to sepsis caused by condensation accumulation within the inspiratory and expiratory lines.

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