Electrolyte Reagents


  1. Convenient easy to place ISEPak which contains reagents required for all parameters
  2. Integrated reagent Pack for testing of all parameters
  3. In-Built reagent inventory management software

Deprotinizer :

  1. Used for the cleaning and maintenance of Electrolyte Analyzer (100ml)


  1. Used for the dilution of urine samples to quantitatively determine urine electrolytes  (100ml)

ISE Tritrol 

  1. Ready to use assayed control
  2. 3 different levels of concentrations – Low, Normal & High
  3. 1 year closed vial stability
Pack size Available : 13mL
  1. Aqueous control – Low, Normal & High ( Each of 3mL )
  2. Urine control – Normal & High ( Each of 1mL )
  3. IFS ( 1 X 2mL )
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