Flow Sensor

• Designed in accordance with 93/42/EEC (Annex I and Annex II)
• Product classification in acc. with Annex IX of 93/42/EEC – class IIa
• Sensor conforms to EN ISO 10993-5
• Sensor connectors: 15M/15M in accordance with ISO 5356-1
• Compatible to all the ventilators based on the proximal flow technology
Applications for Adult and Pediatrics patients above 5 Kg BW
• HAMILTON MEDICAL ventilators
• Vyaire Medical ventilators
• BEL ventilators
• SpiroTrue® H is a single patient use flow sensor
• Storage conditions: -20 ˚C – 50 ˚C; r.H 5 % – 95 %
• Operating conditions: 10 ˚C – 40 ˚C; r.H ≤ 95 %, none condensing

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Located near the point of attachment, a proximal flow sensor measures the breathing flow rate and the volume of breathing gas in an endotracheal tube (ET) inserted into a patient’s mouth into their airway, an invasive procedure, or for non-invasive ventilation patients in hospitals, home care situations and emergency rooms. Proximal flow sensor is precise and accurate measurement of patient’s various lung parameters.

Proximal flow and pressure measurement in mechanical ventilation is based on the idea that values are more precise the closer they are made to the source.

For better outcome do ensure to carry the periodical calibration as per the ventilator’s manufacturers instruction mentioned in the operating manual.

This product is disposable in nature and single use and should not be reused.

Product Information

Code Description Box Qty
HMT-4310003 SpiroTrue® H flow sensor with 2 m dual tube including hook and
15F/22M adaptor. Disposable. Single use.
6 pieces per box
HMT-4410003 Coaxial Breathing Circuit, Disposable AL 1900-V001 with Part No HMT-4310003 10 pieces per box
HMT-4510003 Breathing Circuit Adult wo WT Part No HMT77701 with Part No HMT-4310003 10 pieces per box
HMT-4610003 Breathing Circuit Adult 2x WT Part No HMT77703 with Part No HMT-4310003 10 pieces per box


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