HFOT Cannula

High flow oxygen therapy (HFOT) has seen an increased application in the support of critical carepatients with acute respiratory failure, acute cardiac failure and in preventing post operative atelectasis.

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Recent evidence has demonstrated an emerging role for this technique in the preoperative environment.
POINT® in Anaesthesia
Pre operative
• Hands free preoxygenation
• Lung recruitmentIntubation
• Reducedtime pressuresduring intubation
• Less stress forteaching
• Increased first pass success
• Reduced incidence of desaturationIntra operative
Laryngeal Surgery
• Improved surgical visualization
for ENTsurgery
• Reducedproceduretimes
• Improved biopsy samples
Procedural Sedation• Reduced risk of desaturation
– Bronchoscopy
– Dental
– Regional anaesthesiaPost operative
Continued support after extubation for
high risk patients such as:
• High BMI
• Chronic airway disease
• Long term surgeries at
risk of anaesthesia
Heatedand humidifiedgases improve patient
comfort and outcomes by:
• Relieving post anaesthesia dry mouth
• Aiding normothermia
• Improving secretion clearance
AquaNASE is intended to use for,

 Acute hypoxemic respiratory failure
 Post-extubation period
 Emergency department
 Bronchoscopy and other invasive procedures
 Palliative care
 Acute heart failure
 Chronic airway disease

AquaNASE allows,
 Improved patient comfort
 Pharyngeal dead space washout,
 Improved secretion clearance
 Improved alveolar recruitment through suspected low levels of positive airway pressure (PAP applied).


All products should be stored within their original packaging until required for use. Any damage to
packaging deems the product unusable as per the labelling. The method of storage should be as per the
hospital’s method of storage, there are no additional specified storage requirements.


The method of disposal should be as per the hospitals waste management protocol for noncontaminated
clinical waste.

Scope of Supply

High Flow Nasal Cannula for Adults and Pediatrics with different optional available as under,

Part Number Item Description Flow Rate/Kg Packing
AMNS2004 AquaNASE® nasal high flow cannula (ORANGE) SMALL 4mm 5-60 L/ mm
25-50 Kg
AMNS2005 AquaNASE® nasal high flow cannula (PURPLE) MEDIUM 5mm 10-80 L/ mm
50-70 Kg
AMNS2006 AquaNASE® nasal high flow cannula (PINK) LARGE 6mm 10-80 L/ mm
Above 70 Kg


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