Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Lightweight @ 1.98kg
NO Heavy Tanks
NO Heavy Carts


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1.98kg/4.37pouds,1L-Portable Oxygen concentrator

Mini Size

221*85*160mm,Very small size,easy to carry

Multi Setting Flows

Can meet different oxygen demand

Pulse Oxygen Supply

Pulse Dose is based on breathing and inhaling, which is more sophisticated. Pulse Dose mechanisms are more sensitive, utilizing an oxygen conserver and other technology to deliver oxygen based on breathing rates and other factors. Kingon P2 is with a 0.097 cmH2O Trigger sensitivity, which is the most dependable and Sensitive portable oxygen concentrator in the world. Continuous Flow is delivered at a constant rate indiscriminate of the user’s breathing. you can see from the figure that, only 1/6 oxygen can be effectively exchanged on the lung during a Inhale-exhale cycle ,the rest 5/6 oxygen will be wasted in the respiratory tract and exhaling time.

Pulse Dose Continuous flow
Deliver oxygen Based on breathing and inhaling Constantly
Oxygen untilization rate 100% <20%
Irritation to nose Less More

High Efficiency molecular Sieve

Efficient adsorption capacity, can purify more pure oxygen

Powerful compress

Powerful Compressor or can provide stable output

Triple Filtration

Effectively remove air pollen, large particles, dust and other impurities


8 cell standard Battery

# BA – P200\
# BA – P201

Lithium Ion Battery
Long Battery Duration

External Battery Charger

when the battery is set correctly, the flashing green LED will indicate that battery is charging. when the green light illuminated, the battery is fully charged.

Model # BC-P200


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