Series Tx Analytical and Semi Micro Balances

Analytical and Semi Micro Balance, Touch Screen Display, 0.1mg/0.01mg Readability

Introducing the Accuris Series Tx … a perfect balance of performance, design, and quality.

  • Upgraded Weighing Performance:  Electromagnetic Force Restoration (EFR) technology, fast response and stabilization, and automatic internal calibration.
  • Refined Control Panels: Enhanced color touch screen interface significantly improve ease of use.
  • Space Saving:  A careful redesign of our weigh cell assemblies has allowed us to pack more technology into a  compact, 8 x 15 inch footprint.
  • Convenient Connectivity: Optional thermal printer or USB flash drive can be used for result documentation.
  • Semi Micro Class (W3002A-120):  Readability of 0.00001 g up to 62 g, and 0.0001 g up to 120 g.


Series Tx Balance Specifications

Model W3002A-120 W3102A-220
Capacity 120 grams 220 grams
Readability 62g x 0.00001 grams / 120g x 0.0001 grams 0.0001 grams
Linearity ± 0.08mg / ± 0.2mg ± 0.2mg
Repeatability ± 0.03mg / ± 0.1mg ± 0.1mg
 Pan size (Round)  80 mm 80 mm
Draft Shield  yes, glass yes, glass
Weighing Units  g, mg, carats, oz, lbs, dwt, t oz, gn, % g, mg, carats, oz, lbs, dwt, t oz, gn, %
Calibration  Internal Quick Cal and External  Internal Quick Cal and External
Display 5.25 x 1.5 inch, color touch screen 5.25 x 1.5 inch, color touch screen
Exterior Dims.  13.5  x 8.5 x 13 inches 13.5  x 8.5 x 13 inches
Connectivity  USB and RS232 USB and RS232
Product Weight 13 Lbs. /  6 Kg 13 Lbs. / 6 Kg
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years

The Series Tx analytical balances are the most advanced in the Accuris line.  The large, high resolution touch screen presents the user with an icon-based menu system and allows quick and intuitive access to a wide range of useful functions.  A precisely engineered Electromagnetic Force Restoration (EFR) weigh cell accurately determines masses to sub milligram levels.

Two models are available in the Tx Series: The W3102A-220 has a max capacity of 220g and readability of 0.1 mg.  The W3002A-120 is a semi-micro class balance with a maximum capacity of 120g, and readability of 0.01mg up to 62g.

The Tx internal calibration system helps ensure that the balance is always calibrated and ready for use. Auto calibration can also be set to occur at specific time intervals depending on user preference. A high resolution thermal probe is incorporated in the core of the EFR weigh cell, and if measured temperature fluctuates slightly, the balance will automatically compensate.

A USB port on the side accepts a flash drives for storage of weighing data, which can then be transferred to a computer.

Series Tx models have adjustable feet and a leveling bubble to ensure correct installation.  Note: For optimal weighing performance, the Tx semi micro model must be installed on a suitably stable surface such as a marble slab table.

The new AccuCheck System from Accuris Instruments gives your lab the freedom to calibrate pipettes quickly and when required.  The system combines our popular Tx touch screen analytical balance with an anti evaporation trap accessory and built-in pipette calibration software.  Together, this standalone pipette calibration system is easy for any lab tech to use for the ISO 8655 method of pipette calibration.

The user interface of the AccuCheck™ software is intuitive and requires no special training to use. Individual pipette details (brand, model, serial number) can be saved in the internal data base for current and future calibrations.  The software walks the user through all steps of the gravimetric method, allows input of water temp, air temp, pressure, and humidity.  It saves the weight values, and then performs all calculations for accuracy and precision at 3 volume settings. The Anti Evaporation Trap greatly improves results when performing the gravimetric method by preventing unstable measurements due to evaporation loss.

Removing the Anti Evaporation Trap allows the Tx Semi-Micro balance to be used for general weighing applications.  Offering a maximum capacity of 120g, readability of 62gx0.01mg / 120gx0.1mg, and automatic internal calibration, the Tx balance is a favorite for labs needing fast and accurate weight determinations.




Accuris Anti Static Ionizer

Static charge can accumulate on many types of samples as well as weighing containers, affecting mass determination on an analytical balance.  The Accuris ASI-100 produces and emits negatively and positively charged ions that will neutralize static electricity on samples and containers.  A blower can be turned on for rapid static discharge, or turned off for work with powders or light-weight materials.

Portable Thermal Printer

The W3130 Thermal Printer offers a small footprint, modern design, and is compatible with the Accuris Dx and Tx Analytical Balances.  Connection is easy with the included cables, and weight values and other critical info can be printed quickly and clearly.  The W3130 printer connects to AC power (100V to 240V) with an included power adapter, and also features an included rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

iWeight software is available for PC connection and weigh data collection.  Contact [email protected] to receive your free download link.



Ordering Information:

Order # Description
W3002A-120 Analytical Balance, series Tx, internal calibration, touch screen display, 62gx 0.01mg / 120gx0.1mg
W3002A-120ACS Analytical Balance, Automatic Pipette Calibration System with software and evaporation trap
W3102A-220 Analytical Balance, series Tx, internal calibration, touch screen display, 220g x 0.0001g
W3120 Compact anti static ionizer
W3130 Serial Printer for Accuris Series Dx and Tx analytical balances
W1101-6-100 Calibration weight set, class E2, for analytical balances, 6 pcs: 100mg to 100g


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