SmartDoc Imaging Enclosure

The SmartDoc Imaging Enclosure can be used on most existing UV or visible blue light transilluminators.

  • Imaging enclosure works with all common smart phones
  • 19 x 19cm base fits on most existing UV or blue transilluminators
  • Includes orange photo filter for use with blue light
  • Optional 535nm, 590nm, and UV blocking photo filters for use with UV transilluminators


SmartDoc Enclosure shown on Accuris E3100 myView UV Transilluminator (not included)

SmartDoc Enclosure shown on Accuris  E4000 Smart Blue Transilluminator (not included)

E5000-MAT, UV Blocking Mat blocks UV light around the SmartDoc Enclosure on larger transilluminators.


The SmartDoc Imaging Enclosure can be used on most existing UV or visible blue light transilluminators.  An orange photo filter is included for photography of the gels when using a visible blue light transilluminator for stain excitation. For imaging gels on a UV transilluminator, there are 3 optional photo filters available: 535nm filter for imaging green stains on UV light, 590nm filter for imaging EtBr on UV light, and the UV Blocking filter is optimized for use with the Accuris E3100 myView UV Transilluminator.
An extending adapter is included with the enclosure and can be inserted for full dimension imaging of gels up to 15 x 15 cm. Or remove the adapter for close up pictures or smaller gels.

When using the SmartDoc enclosure on transilluminators with a large illuminating surface (exceeding 19x19cm), use E5000-MAT to block light around the edge

Ordering Information:

Item No. Description:
E5001-SD Accuris SmartDoc 2.0 Imaging Enclosure
E5001-SDB* Accuris SmartDoc 2.0 System with Blue Light Illumination Base, 115V
E5000-MAT SmartDoc UV Blocking Mat
E5001-535 SmartDoc band pass filter, 535nm, for imaging green stains on UV transilluminator
E5001-590 SmartDoc band pass filter, 590nm, for imaging EtBR on UV transilluminator
E5001-UVBLOCK SmartDoc filter for blocking UV wavelength, optimized for E3100 transilluminator
E5001-ORANGE SmartDoc Orange Photo filter, imaging Green Stains on Blue Light Illuminators
E5001-OC Orange viewing Cover
E4500-LD SmartGlow Loading Dye with safe green stain, 1.0ml
E4500-PS SmartGlow safe green pre stain, 1.0ml
115V withs US plug For 230V with EU plug, please add (-E)


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